Writing Services

These are the primary services that I provide. Contact me when you’re ready to discuss your project.


Whether it’s for a newsletter, company communication, magazine, or blog I can research and write on just about any subject. I dig for the story and get the background to write an interesting and compelling article.

Use articles for the following communication and marketing needs:

  • blog posts
  • newsletters including eNewsletters
  • magazines and professional journals
  • company communications
  • website copy


Sometimes an article isn’t enough to cover the depth that you want. An eBook may be the answer when it comes to catching the attention of a prospect or customer. Build your credibility and your stature as a thought leader with your own book. Your sales force will love being able to hand out a book that tells the story, gives the details, and answers questions.

Be sure to ask about tips booklets too. These handy marketing devices are a great way to provide value and gain trust with customers and prospects. A tips booklet will be referred to again and again. Each time, you will be remembered.

White Papers

Content marketing is all about giving prospects and customers something of value. For that reason, white papers play an important part in the content marketing arsenal. They attract, inform, and persuade your prospects and customers moving them through your sales funnel to the final purchase.

White papers can do all of the following:

  • create a positive image for the company that creates them
  • explain the features and benefits of products and services
  • generate leads by attracting prospects to your content
  • move leads through the buying process by explaining the business benefits of the product/service
  • justify the purchase and help people make the decision to buy

White papers tend to run anywhere from eight to 16 pages long. They can include charts, photos, and graphics and are laid out in an appealing format that is similar to a professional magazine or journal article.

Case Studies

Shorter than a white paper, case studies are usually no longer than five pages or about 1200 words. Use a case study to communicate an in-depth story about how your product or service helped a particular customer to solve a problem. Like any story, case studies show rather than tell the powerful benefits of your product or service.

Press Releases

When it’s time to blow your own horn a press release will tell your story to the world in about 300 words. ¬†Use a press release when you have something news-worthy to tell the world. With the help of a press release service, you can send your press release to journalists across the country or around the world. These hard-working professionals are looking for news like yours to create their stories. Because it is written in a journalistic style, your press release may very well become the center-piece of a news story in a national newspaper, magazine, or television news show.

Training Materials

After sixteen years of teaching adults, earning two master’s degrees (one of them in instructional design), and an adult education teaching credential (State of California) I’ve learned a lot that can be of value to you in communicating information to your employees. I have made a study of how people learn and it mainly comes down to relevance. Make it real and make it relevant and people will listen and take your message to heart.

Training materials can come in many forms. Here are a few which I can provide for you:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • user manuals
  • employee training manuals
  • job aids
  • instructor guides
  • employee handbooks

Business Plans

Let me take my business experience, accounting and MBA training and help you craft your business plan. Whether you will present to investors or you just want to get a clearer idea of your road ahead, a business plan is an indispensable step in creating your business.